What Is Post To View On TikTok?

It has been discovered that there has been a new feature added to the app, and fans’ initial reaction has been overwhelmingly negative. You might be as confused as everyone else about what ‘post to view’ on TikTok actually means, so here is what we have to say.

More frequently than ever before, TikTok seems to be releasing new features to the app on a regular basis. The company has introduced favourite notifications just this year, as well as the ability to view who has been viewing your profile, just this year alone. The app was criticized by a lot of fans this time for going too far and even copying another app, which they thought was a good idea.

How to fix Tiktok “Post to View”

“Post to View” means Tiktok Now users must upload their own photo or video before they can view the blurry image. So the simplest solution is to upload a photo of anything to fix the problem.

There have been many comparisons between Tiktok Now and the BeReal app, which sends users a message within two minutes of receiving a notification that they have to capture and share a photo within two minutes of receiving the notification. Similar to BeReal, Tiktok Now also sends a daily message to users encouraging them to upload their own photos or short videos to the social network in the hopes that they will stay connected.

Moreover, it seems like a way to encourage people to post their own content rather than just scroll through what other users have posted rather than just scrolling through what others have posted.

What Is Post To View On TikTok?

As part of this new feature, called TikTok Now, the content on the For You page is blurred out until you post a photo or a short clip of yourself on the page. There is a time limit within which users have to post, and they will receive a notification saying ‘Time to Now’ when they have to post within this time frame.

The TikTok Now feature has predominantly been something that has been available to US users, who have seen it included as part of the original TikTok app. It appears that even though TikTok Now is a separate application for most users around the world, it seems that it is the case for some other countries as well. In spite of the fact that the latter is more appealing than disturbing your standard content, many fans are still unhappy about the change that was made.

Fans Think TikTok Now Is Just BeReal

Surely, you are not the only one who is feeling a little familiar with that concept, if you think it sounds a little familiar to you. A large number of users have criticized the feature for its overwhelming resemblance to another social media app that they use on a daily basis. An app called BeReal, which is a relatively new app, asks users to post a photo of their front and back cameras within a certain time limit and at a certain point in the day if they want to participate. As soon as the app is downloaded, the user is notified that it’s time to ‘BeReal’, and your friends’ content will only be available to you after you have posted your own.

As far as I can tell, there is no actual difference between the two apart from the fact that TikTok Now allows users to post videos and gives them an extra minute to do so. This difference, however, does not seem to be enough for the fans to consider it acceptable.

In an instant, fans called the feature a “knockoff” of BeReal and as a result, are calling for it to be removed from the TikTok app immediately. In an attempt to share their frustration, thousands of users have taken to social media in an attempt to share their frustration, with hundreds of Twitter tweets asking the question “What is the best TikTok post for me to watch?” as they began to share their frustrations on social media.

You Can Turn Off TikTok Now Notifications

Despite the fact that you are not able to disable TikTok Now completely, the daily notifications can be turned off for those who have the feature built into TikTok Now.

You can access your settings by going to the privacy section, and then to the content and activity section. Once you have scrolled down to push notifications, you will be able to see them. In that window, toggle off TikTok Now from within it, and you will now be able to use TikTok Now within that window, so you can now make use of it.

This is how you can get on board with having to post to view on TikTok if you’re intrigued. In order to take advantage of the feature, all those who already have it built into the app simply need to update it since November 14. In case you are not one of those users, then you may need to download the app separately if you are not one of them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the app is available in the UK yet (at least for us!) so you may just have to hold on a little while before getting real on TikTok Now.

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