What Is KSI And Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration As UK Kids Go Crazy For It?

There is no question that kids in the UK are going crazy for an energy drink made by KSI and Logan Pual, dubbed Prime Hydration.

It has been reported that Prime Hydration has been selling out across the UK because of shortages and a high demand, some shops have been selling bottles for as much as £15 each due to high demand and shortages. According to reports in the Sun, an English pub landlord is even estimating that he can sell the bottles online for as much as £25 a piece.

In any case, if you are wondering what the drink is, we have all the information you need to know about the beverage.

Is Prime good for you?

Dr Linia Patel, a sports nutritionist and dietitian, believes the drinks contain the ingredients you would expect found in a sports drink.

It contains coconut water, which is a natural source of sugar, but it does not contain as much sugar as “traditional sports drinks”.

Additionally, Prime contains electrolytes, which are minerals that are lost from our bodies as a result of sweating.

It’s absolutely true that if you are exercising super hard, then there’s a place for it. But for most of us, there isn’t a need for a special drink like this one,” says Dr Patel.

Often times, the drink is marketed as being better than its competitors, but does this claim have any basis in reality?

There is definitely nothing special about this drink, and I don’t think that it is better than others,” says Dr Patel.

As part of Prime’s latest product line, the company launched an energy drink with caffeine – which, according to the company, is not recommended for those under the age of 18 – as well as Linia, who recommends its avoidance by those under the age of 18.

As a general rule, most people do not need to drink anything special to stay hydrated, just a good bottle of water will do,” she explains.

There are still people looking for bottles – both in shops and online – and Twitter accounts have been set up to post the latest sightings of restocks and where they can be found.

The spokesperson for KSI said that work is being done to get more stock on the shelves as soon as possible.

The welfare of consumers must also be taken seriously, especially in light of the scenes of aggression in shops that Eddie has witnessed.

Although it may seem quite amusing, fun and light-hearted at first, that could lead to real health and safety issues if the venue is unable to cope with the number of people looking to buy the product.

“It’s funny until it’s not funny. It’s really funny until it’s not funny anymore.”

What is Prime Hydration?

In the summer of 2022, Logan Paul and KSI, two former boxing opponents who turned into YouTube friends and business partners, launched the product in the US, but brought it to the UK in the following summer.

Basically, Prime Hydration is an energy drink which is officially sold in ASDA stores in the UK and is available at the Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal play their home games.

It is being said that Prime has become a “worthy competitor” of some of the world’s biggest energy drinks, such as Powerade and Gatorade, according to recent reports.

Prime Hydration Flavours

This drink is available in six different flavours, which are as follows:

  • There is nothing better than an ice cream pop
  • Blue raspberry is one of the most popular fruits in the world
  • It’s tropical punch time!
  • It’s a lemon lime drink
  • I love grapes
  • The color orange

Ice Pop flavour features a packaging that is reminiscent of the popular red, white, and blue bomb-pops that many of us have fond memories of when we were children going to the ice cream van. The introduction of the Ice Pop flavour coincided with the launch of the drinks in the UK.

Prime Hydration Ingredients

In addition to being made from coconut juice in the form of 10%, the ingredients of this product are also free of gluten as well as caffeine.

Dipotassium phosphate, magnesium citrate, vitamin A, zinc, B6 and 12 vitamins are some of the ingredients included in this product. Aside from these three ingredients, it also contains water, citric acid, and sucralose.

Is Prime Hydration Healthy?

Considering the ingredients listed in this drink, there is nothing that appears to be harmful or unhealthy in it.

The key to drinking water in moderation is, however, like with everything else, to drink it in moderation. Physicians and specialists will always recommend that everyone should drink enough water on a daily basis and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

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